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  1. SAVAGE FLUX HP rumours(?)
  2. Flux Biology 101
  3. Example 1.
  4. ...An Open Letter to the Savage Nation...
  5. my flux like savage I have had for over a year now
  6. De-Classified
  7. BH Flux
  8. Flux Hits Japan...
  9. Savage Flux or Traxxas Summit
  10. savage x/xl/flux gearbox
  11. Savage Flux in the UK
  12. Concept - Savage Flux Uber Desert Truck
  13. Flux video
  14. The First Savage Flux Review...
  15. my e-savage rebuild
  16. Runtimes
  17. Just got a Savage Flux in :)
  18. Saddle Up Boys...
  19. Brushed Version Perhaps?
  20. Question about the Transmitter
  21. HFX / BrimStone
  22. Exact inner dimensions of Flux battery trays
  23. Manual Pics...
  24. center part ?
  25. ...on the tube...
  26. new spur
  27. My new Flux and first run video
  28. Flux Transmission/Differential Gear Ratios?
  29. waiting on my flux.
  30. Flux Manual @ HPI
  31. Anyone with race experience ?
  32. Mamba monster burnt ESC syndrome ?
  33. hesitation off idle
  34. Savage Flux ESC Failure
  35. savage flux ESC fire
  36. Zippy-H...
  37. drivetrain failures?
  38. first problem
  39. FLM Savage Flux TVP's
  40. ESC & Motor from Flux on E-Savage
  41. Just dropped $1420 on a flux..pics
  42. Full backflip
  43. Flux CF Parts!
  44. do this piece fit the flux
  45. Washing my baby in the bath =)
  46. What LiPo's are you using?
  47. Flux and E-savage parts...
  48. Flux user manual - dodgy info
  49. Tranny and Diff Grease
  50. Just found...
  51. Flux got a fun injection by GCM
  52. Stock Radio
  53. Hpi 86374/hpi72190
  54. Flux vs beam
  55. Savage Flux contest inside
  56. Wheel nut's - How do you take them off?
  57. Battery/pinion/tire questions
  58. Stock Radio extremely glitchy!
  59. My Flux. lots of pix
  60. Loctite on the steering bellcrank?
  61. Sand and the ESC/Motor
  62. Savage flux steering wiggle?
  63. Savage Flux pic and videos
  64. SMC Lipos
  65. Savage Flux diffs...
  66. Post pictures and videos of your Savage Flux.
  67. Savage Flux user manual Auto lipo procedure is WRONG!
  68. New to the Hobby..
  69. 86032 bevel gears
  70. Castle Creations link rules!!!
  71. Abnormal gear wear on Savage Flux
  72. Savage Flux vs Baja 5T & B = tie
  73. To 40 series or not to 40 series, that is the question
  74. Savage Flux high speed runs and jumps! (vid)
  75. Question on batteries
  76. 120.000 silicon oil
  77. The good the bad and the ugly? Thinking of getting a flux.
  78. Backflips for the begginers including myself
  79. Savage Flux, I took the leap!
  80. lipo recommendations on flux...
  81. My Savage Flux takes to the sky! Then breaks... *vid*
  82. Flux LiPo-s
  83. savage flux goes tuning/drag
  84. The flux sucks....
  85. can you pull the neg and pos esc...
  86. Maybe I should have gone Nitro instead?
  87. is flux the XL model of savage?
  88. Flux bevel gear.
  89. Flux temp sensors
  90. the newest flux hopup
  91. Flux MM on 18C batteries fine according to SMC?!
  92. Just got off phone with HPI in regards to Savage Flux Lipo's, gears, NIMH and diffs
  93. Brand new Flux problems
  94. Jammin x2 shocks on a flux?
  95. balancing problems
  96. Uh oh, did I ruin my SMC lipos?
  97. Hmmm, I may switch to Traxxas connectors
  98. second run flux problems
  99. Hop up time....
  100. Flux 18-23 tooth trans gear
  101. I'm testing Savage bumper brace anti-roll prototype
  102. transmission with 4 hole plugs..fill them?
  103. Battery Holder size
  104. GCM DesertBoy XL Flux Conversion Proto
  105. If i could buy this bling...
  106. How often does the fan come on?
  107. How do you put 8 shocks on a savage?
  108. Some shots of Platinumrcproducts Extended FLUX!
  109. Platinum RC Products: FLUX Standard length Pictures
  110. Almost done extended flux (yes another post)
  111. HPI Savage 5T 1/5 Scale Flux
  112. RPM Center Skid/Protector Plate Black Savage X
  113. WOW I can go BIGGER LOL...
  114. Stripping Bevel Gears
  115. Happy Bday to me!
  116. Leaking diffs, what to do?
  117. Grrr, DX2.0 won't talk to Savage Flux
  118. Newb to the flux
  119. Headlights for the Savage Flux or Savage X ?
  120. Flux`s ESC
  121. Flux Lipo's
  122. Installing 25T Pinion
  123. Eagletree Data - Savage Flux and 5000mah 30C Lipos
  124. kershaw designs lipo??????
  125. First REAL bash
  126. Question About 10x16x5
  127. Timing meaning
  128. Savage Flux XL Backflip & More Drag Racing at Yauco
  129. Flux tail lights project.
  130. Flux owners, show me your wheels!
  131. TCS 5mm Flux chassis TVP
  132. Oh #%@!! What did I do to my SMC Lipos?
  133. Burning Clutch Pad. PLEASE HELP
  134. Lipo Overcharge?
  135. M5x3x18 replacement
  136. Hyperion DUO III
  137. GCM Savage Flux XL DesertBoy Conversion
  138. Firmwire Update 1.21
  139. GCM DesertBoyXL bash video
  140. Some new optional parts
  141. Light weight tranny gears?
  142. Savage flux anyone ?
  143. ESrun 80amp in Savage X?
  144. I'm back!!! or I'm a sucker for punishment!
  145. parts savage flux
  146. BulletProof Diffs press release w/ picture
  147. New Flux and New Castle Link - What settings?
  148. CEN diffs in the Flux
  149. broken drive cup?
  150. My new flux.
  151. HPI Savage Flux weights
  152. Running 1 lipo vs. 2 lipos
  153. First run with my Flux!!! Have a couple of questions!
  154. Flux and Thunder Power LiPo's
  155. Will I strip these rims?
  156. Savage Flux "Frostbyte" project complete! *56ker's no!*
  157. Flux Dead ESC... Dead not burned...
  158. maxamps set any good?
  159. 5s on your flux
  160. Why no Flux XL?
  161. Will These Lipos Fit?
  162. Savage Flux Opinions
  163. Savage Flux Battery Time
  164. Savage Flux Upgrade Help
  165. Flux Servo Upgrade?
  166. Venom Li-Po's???
  167. Flux rebuild
  168. Testing ESC Settings
  169. Response to Update firmware 1.21
  170. HPI is just beyond awesome!!!
  171. Got my new savage flux - needed help.
  172. Savage Flux "Frostbyte" vs Traxxas Stampede w/vid
  173. savage flux made bang
  174. Rebuild Flux time. - The frostbite killer.
  175. Flux owners, weight distribution tip!
  176. How to Convert Savage Flux to XL Flux - 1offrc.com
  177. Savage Flux and RPM arms: A warning
  178. 3s Lipo and gearings - HELP please
  179. "Frostybte" made RCCA!
  180. Knez Flux Build
  181. clutch slipping`
  182. 3s lipo little too big...what to do?
  183. Super Monster Truck Bash w/vid!
  184. New ESC problem
  185. DARKWAV's Savage Flux Build
  186. help on buying lipo's and other stuff
  187. TSC 4.7mm flux XL TVPs
  188. Castle Creations CastleLink ESC Programming Link Software
  189. my flux with turnigy system video
  190. I need a swiveling MT stand
  191. Who makes the strongest/toughest pinions?
  192. Locked Diffs
  193. Damnit, the lipo battery industry needs better standards!
  194. GCM Billet Aluminum FLux Battery Box Mounts
  195. More ESC problems
  196. savage flux
  197. Hello All
  198. 1/5 conversion
  199. HPI customer care 5 out of 5 stars
  200. Wahh! I want one!
  201. "Frostbyte" made RC Driver mag also!
  202. What would you pick? 3S lipos
  203. Question on Suspension Arm?
  204. 17mm Hex Drives
  205. What are your battery run Times for your Flux?
  206. Anyone running the bug body?
  208. wider stance on my Flux?
  209. New Flux - Few Upgrades - Few Questions
  210. help with a new servo
  211. How to waterproof your Mamba Monster Max with PROOF!
  212. Which wheel out of these two?
  213. FLUX picture topic (only pics plz)
  214. The Big Savage CLONE theory
  215. Fibreglass bodies!
  216. front dogbones pop out!
  217. Extended arms vs wheel extensions?
  218. What do i need to do a LST2 Shock upgrade?
  219. New Guy
  220. desertboy-17 need a little input/advice?
  221. My DesertBoyXL Flux Build
  222. whats up everybody
  223. Strange "Friction" on Brand new Flux
  224. Stock pinion and 25T pinion
  225. Mamba ESC Lipo Saver program
  226. Speed with 3s sort of
  227. Need assistance on Motor Mount
  228. Motor clamp
  229. All DesertBoy NEW Screwless Skidplate release
  230. GCM DesertBoy ESC Mounting
  231. Would I gain more out of my power plant with a MMM?
  232. Desertboy chassis thickness?
  233. GCM Universal Motor Mount?
  234. MMM cutoff?
  235. Greetings from a newb
  236. Wheels that will not strip(round out) at the hub?
  237. 2 servos on the Flux
  238. flux gearing suggestions and high speed idler
  239. New to the board, Pic of my truck.
  240. Larsenracing's Platinumrcproducts CF FLUX XL Build
  241. rear axle carriers
  242. rounded hex!!
  243. Damaged LIPO Cell
  244. Nice Hop Hup maybe?
  245. My Flux Ouchy!!!!!
  246. "new" Closed FLux Battery box..
  247. High speed idler question. And update on truck
  248. Savage Flux suspensions parts compatibility ...
  249. My Flux came with dual shocks - why?
  250. Savage Flux Sticky Threads