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04-01-2009, 10:55 PM
So I got my brand new Savage Flux, 2 X 4900 Trakpower 2S lipo @ 25C , setting it up following the manual. Everything was fine till I got in to auto lipo cut off. I started following the instruction (didn’t know that time that it was already there from factory). According to the instruction, once I set it to ‘Auto lipo on’, the ESC should go back to normal status with solid yellow. But it didn’t. Instead, it started beeping on a regular interval. I did the same thing several time and no result. Then I found out, it actually even messed up the ESC. First, it wouldn’t go reverse, then I somehow brought that back, then I lost the brake etc etc. :mad: I was pissed and thinking it’s a bad ESC. I started looking in the net if I could find a way to go back to factory default settings and guess what, I found a full CC’s instruction in a forum (http://monster.traxxas.com/showthread.php?t=460481) on MMM ESC setup and according to that, there’s total 9 full setups with sub setups you can do using your Transmitter (no computer required) and out of those 9, no 7 is the ‘Lipo’ function. I started following that instruction and then I realized, I was only staying within set up 1 and 2 (when I was following the savage flux instruction) which deals with reverse and brake and that’s why I messed up those settings.

Anyhoo, I got back all the original settings now following that instruction using my transmitter. But I can’t imagine this kinda bad information from a company like HPI. I actually now thinking, they probably just copied and pasted that ‘auto lipo setup’ info from their Firestorm flux manual. In the savage flux manual (page 7 bottom) they even say ‘your HPI motiv ESC’. I mean…WTF! Some dodgy people are working on their instruction manuals me think.

By the way, hello everyone. Just thought I should drop by and share this info with you Flux owners. By the way, anyone else using trakpower 2S battery with flux? If so, is there an easy way to put the battery inside without damaging the cable? It’s a pain to get these batteries in and out with that banana plug and I already damaged (the plastic cover) a joint.

05-04-2009, 10:47 PM
hi there, maybe its worth using the castle link ?

the flux is a hot subject here..so is the battery boxes lol.

anyhow a late welcome from neighbor capital a little-far east ;)

05-04-2009, 11:55 PM
the manual does suck. I think they left out the whole esc programming to make people get out of changing the esc settings.. like once I stuck the castle link on it, the settings that were in there were just strange.. 36% brakes?? what ?
I did a full re-configure on the thing, and its just better to drive now.
Can't get that info from the manual... the transmitter programming does work well and thanks for the link!