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Old 02-26-2012, 12:19 PM
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Default EY ol lads!

whatsup everybody, sorry to say i havent got much time for this forum, not to mention candlepowerforums, rcgroups and whatnot. physics and chemistry at uni just 'sux' too much time.

I recall there was someone from singapore inhere? aw, too late, but what an awesome bird park they have there! and gee what a climate! I also saw a giant bird park near surabaya, suba kato or whatever. Yeah im a cheap birder (unlike like Owen in 'The Big Year'). I saw a toki/tucan there and boy are those amazingly cute!

and within 3 days i looked like a pink-footed goose. or more likely resembling a strawberry yougurt. the amount of reading i had to do when i got home was shocking. it was atomic and ionic madness, well i get what i deserve i suppose.

2 days after we left, a smoke alarm went off, yikes! so while in Jakarta, using skype i call certain people, only to find out that a locksmith refuse to open up unless im there in person - or the police is there. Then I call the police, and get told that they will only show up if there is a fire. stupid! If there was a fire i would call the fire department. So later it turns out that its a just spare smoke alarm inside a shoe closet that happened to have a battery in it. Thank god, but at least we had our birds taken care of by a good family member. if not, the darn smoke alarm could have made them go nutz. well, i managed to get the locksmith to open, for a swift 120USd of course. well spent, i suppose.

Lori birds are just soo cute! im building a pretty funny voliere-like cage which can accompany all 4 birds and they dont have to fight over the swing(s). Se, it turned out that 3 birds sleeping on a swing dont particular like a 4th jumping onto the swing

I decided to try something new, to get a haircut in a giant mall in Jakarta. That is the only time i have not complained that they didnt cut too much hair off my head (and didnt treat me like a fuckin sheep!). They actually cut too little, but they washed my hair twice, and were gentle in general.

Oh and when away acta was up! talk about 4 countries that go behind the population (USA, SGP, Dk and what was the 4th one anyway?). t'was pretty sick to notice 18 cameras and a single SGP metro station, and not one cop car anywhere to be seen. It was the other way around in indonesia, like usual they're everywhere and No cameras to be seen tho.

I carried a lighter thru 7 planes and finally got to Helsinki, this huge dude with long hair said I could not carry that on board. The same dude stared himself blind on a triple bagged the body shop green shampoo. haha, and im paranoid ?

It got to me, paranoid BREEDS paranoid. well now im back home where im not too tall, dont have too big feet, am not too blond, and...

am STILL NOT rich.

best regards to the folks that keep this place alive, wish i had the time too.

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Old 03-03-2012, 10:52 PM
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haha, so much for security with that story! There really is a different standard depending on where you are. True.
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Old 03-04-2012, 09:50 PM
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Nice to see you old farts still kicking around here! :P

e savage build thread..
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Old 03-10-2012, 07:15 PM
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Oops, ya, I did just fart!
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Old 03-25-2012, 07:42 PM
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GOTCHA I could smell ya fart a mile away! The scent lead me to believe that GCM soon will be making extended tvp's for savage Xs !?!? Can't wait!

Give it up generis, let us know hows its all coming down and what date your usually-well-endowed mechanics of usually-well-endowed savage xs extended cvd'kits will hit the usually-well-endowed market of XS savages ?

dont call me that again esavage, or i will think of revenge moves..

until then - may my XS mini stay mayden, and pure! (will that hold true thru the easter holiday ?)
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